Keeping Clean for Daddy

Enema Phone Sex

Being Daddy’s little age play slut means that it comes with a certain set of rules. Daddy loves making me his dirty little fuck princess, and he loves to give me a hot nice enema in my cum filled ass. Being daddy’s real fucking whore means that I need to prep for Daddy and all his friends to come over and pump my tiny teen asshole and pussy full of sticky hot cum. Whenever Daddy’s big cock comes out, so does the funnels! I love having those funnels and tubes filled to the brim with hot cum. Getting stuffed by all of daddy’s friends  always makes my sweet, bald pink cunnie squirt all over those rock hard throbbing cocks! I love the feeling of leaking daddy and his friends’ hot cum all day every day! Being his little cum dumpster princess is my favorite thing ever. I love getting filled then of course it’s a rinse and repeat every day. 😉

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