Step Daddy Dick

Daddy phone sex

My stepfather is one of the most perverted motherfuckers you will ever meet in your entire life. My stepfather always looks at me very creepy but guess what, I sort of like it, I mean it kind of turns me on. When I catch my step daddy looking at my nice tight ass, I bend over just a little bit more for him. I love to give my stepfather a hard cock because I like teasing him and getting his cock rock hard makes me feel like I’ve conquered him. I love being so attractive and I wouldn’t even know how attractive I was if not from my stepfather always ogling over me. One time I caught my step daddy jacking his cock off to my panties I just sat in the closet and watched him he was whispering my name Andrea Lee beating the fuck out of his hard cum-filled cock. I make my daddy a nasty man but isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? When my mother went out of town for the week, my stepdad was in charge of taking care of me; he had to make sure that I was okay. As soon as my mom left and good enough my step daddy started to offer me gifts. My daddy man told me that he would buy me a brand new car if I let him fuck me; however, he wanted to. I am going to let him fuck me that’s what I was thinking because I definitely want it a car and there was no way that he could renege on the deal because I would definitely tell my mom that he explored all of his rape fantasies on her innocent little daughter. I sucked and slobbered all over my step dad’s cock and balls he loved every fucking second of it he couldn’t get enough. I am my step daddy’s favorite girl I’m even more important than Mommy because I have a young wet pussy and it’s terribly good at least that’s what Daddy said. Now I’ve got a brand new BMW, and I love it, and also I get to suck and fuck daddy whenever I want to. I love riding his cock, and I love the way he fucks me from behind doggy-style that’s the best. I think everyone should have a stepdaddy like mine.

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