New Daddy welcum pt 1

anal phone sex

Uff, I can’t stop looking at my new stepdad. My momma is already on her fourth marriage, but does this man look like a keeper? Not only is he spoiling us all, but he also likes to give extra long hugs. I could tell my new stepdaddy was feeling frisky around me. Last night he pulled me in and made me feel his boner. All I could think about was that cock out in the open, and, hopefully me getting to ride it.

A few hours passed by, and I still couldn’t shake the idea of his juicy cock. I finally gave in and walked in on him in the shower. The timing was perfect. My mom was out with her friends and having a girl’s night. I got in the shower with him and began blowing my new daddy. He couldn’t even process what was happening, and was already bursting into my mouth. Oh,, he wasn’t done with me till he got a piece of my ass. New daddy began to press up against me and began to slip his cock into my asshole. Pounding me with no mercy and rubbing my clit to orgasm. Anal phone sex fun was bound to be my favorite topic after that encounter.


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