Impregnation Fantasy With Teen Goddess Brianna!

Hottest Phone Sex

I have a huge secret, this tight little teen has an impregnation fantasy and it is some of the hottest phone sex around! Let me just start by saying, I have always wanted to be a mommy. Like ever since I was a young one playing with my dolls, I have always pictured myself as a mommy.

So, when I found the perfect guy who loves to impregnate teens like me, I was all about him. We met and got along great so I made him mine and only mine by fucking his brains out. He fell in love and now he’s my boy toy.

But don’t think I let that stop me from having a real life and fucking around. No, no, no, no, I am all about impregnation and getting to have as many little ones as I can. I just can’t wait to hear the little pitter patter of their tiny feet against the ground demanding love from me.

So, for any of you that have a pregnancy kink, come and get it because I am one hot little treen who craves to be a mom. And no, I do not expect you to take care of me and the brats, I can take care of myself so just come and fuck me silly! I will love every fucking minute of that raw, bareback cock of yours entering my tight teen pussy! And you’ll love feeling how tight and pregnant I am. So what are you waiting for, an invitation? Come and fuck me!


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