Nasty men phone perverts paradise

phone perverts paradise

It’s a phone perverts paradise when mommy goes to the doctors office! It seems as if I get targeted by a Dominant gynecologist that knows all about my secret p-mommy lifestyle! I’m always being blackmailed by threats of examining my brats little holes and finding out what had been really happening at our home! I look in his eyes and I automatically  know he knows that mommy lets men fuck my son and daughters! I tell the doctor that he doesn’t need to examine the theme, and I get tied up in gauze bondage and he uses medical clamps on my milky nipples. My cunt gets so wet as I’m being tortured in the doctor’s office and made to tell all my p-mommy secrets! He makes an appointment to come by the house for a p-man house call later. Not before he opens my wet mommy pussy up with the cold speculum and sees how much cock I have taken in the last few days. “Elizabeth you really need a god clean out;” he says as he rams his dick inside of me and contributes the cum loads already up inside of me!

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