my pervert x boss

bald shaved pussy

I know what it takes to make men happy. A little teen slut like me has gotten plenty of things from older men.

I made my old boss give me so much money. It all began when I noticed he took footage of me in the bathroom. So I worked for his small mail service company, and he only hired girls. I knew he mostly had a weird affixation with me, but I knew he wouldn’t dare be blunt about it since his wife was a dominant lady who would always pop up at the office.

She knew who she was married to and had no time for bullshit. When I saw he was taking pics of me, hacked into my email, and had nudes I sent to my boyfriend, I freaked out and confronted him.

My words began to overflow about how I’d sue. Panicked, he said he would give me anything. So I decided to get financial gains. He had plenty of shots of my bald shaved pussy, so he owes me for life. Can you believe it’s been two years, and he still sends me my weekly allowance? I sure did scare him straight.

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