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I took a trip to the Caribbean and found myself getting my pussy gangbanged while my boyfriend was right there.. I think he set me up for this! He’s a tall slender handsome white man who has a thing for colored women.. He always brags about Latina girls and their Lucious lips and how his exes would fuck on nigger dick..

Every time we went out I would see the way he eyed those Latina women.. It would make me so uncomfortable knowing in the back of my head all the things he had said about them especially because I am Asian… Like how they had perfect fully filled bodies and their lips were so juicy.. he loved the way they slid up and down his cock..

I don’t know what made him so comfortable saying these things.. But, I found this my perfect revenge! I’ve always had some Orgy fantasies of my own… Finally, I could show him how much better Black dick is than his.. The dominance, rhythm and the overall length.. I took my g string bikini off on the beach and was down on all fours getting my Bald shaved pussy rammed..

Did he actually think his exes were the only ones who enjoyed fucking nigger dick.. He didn’t even get pissed off instead he wound up slurping my pussy juicy off of those hard nigger cocks. Well, looks like I have myself a new bestie hehe someone to tag along with me. I would love to tell you more details over some steamy Phone sex!

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