My pervert uncle has a big one

Tight shaved pussy

Everyone has a pervert in their family. Mine happens to be my uncle, who loves to fuck a nice tight shaved pussy. He’s always talking about how he likes them young and how his cock  throbs for pretty pink smooth pussies. I always ignore him and chalk it up to him being a pig. I never knew he was rocking such a huge dick. To think about it, I never even wanted to picture that. I got my close-up view of his cock one day when he was crashing at my parents’ house. I walked in on him jerking his dick, and when he saw me, he had the biggest smile on his face. My jaw hit the floor. How could he have such a thick long dick. It was the biggest cock I had seen. No wonder he likes young tight pussies. He loves to demolish them and use every inch of his cock in them. My naughty uncle asked me to watch him a jerk. I stripped down to my panties and bra and let him stroke his dick till he could no longer.

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