My Special Little Boy


Fetish Phone Sex

I have myself a special little boy who always has an eager, open mouth for my thick, dripping, ten inch lady cock. I know how badly he wants me to spend every single day either choking him with this thick monster or letting me bottom him out. I love sitting balls deep in my little fuck slut. He grinds and moans, begging me to please bump his prostate just one more time with the tip of this thick chick dick so he can bust a fucking nut all over his own chest.

He knows damn well any fuck hole that slides over this delicious dick has to play my favorite game; beg me to come. My Johnny boy knows damn well who own him; his breath, his cock, and every orgasm he gets to have. I edge him, and play with him. I know desperation when I hear it, and nothing turns me on more than when a perfect fuck slut begs for me to please let them cum, they can’t hold it, they can’t take it, please Mistress please! Oh I’m hard just reliving it… What can I stick my cock in today?

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