My Life is a Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradise

My life is a phone perverts paradise. Seriously, I should write a book. It would be the XXX kind. My sons and stepsons are all home for my husband’s 70th birthday. I married a man almost twenty years older than me. We have been married damn near 30 years too. I love him, even if his dick no longer works like it once did. He asked me for something special for his birthday. How can I tell him no? He wanted to watch me fuck all the boys at once. He lives vicariously through his sons. I may not be blood to his two sons from his first marriage, but I have raised them since they were young teen boys. I was the woman who took their virginity. They are in their forties now. I am not much older than either of them. I do love their dicks though. They do not need Viagra to get hard. My sons have never minded sharing my pussy with their brothers. And I have never minded having 4 dicks in me at once while my husband watched. I had a surprise for my husband too. My daughter filmed our little mommy group sex. I figured my husband could use some spank bank material for the days ahead since he is not getting any younger. He loves that I am a slut wife. He also loves that our four sons keep my pussy full of cum since he cannot do it anymore. He never could. I mean he could fuck me, but he could not keep up with me. No one man can, which is why I have always had a bunch of lovers.  My boys fucked me for hours. They were still playing musical holes with my cunt and ass after my husband had to go to bed. See what I mean by cannot keep up with me? I could fuck all night, but men eventually get worn out trying to keep up. At least now my husband has a porn for masturbation so he can watch his hot wife in action with his four sons over and over and over.

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