My Daughter My Submissive Slave

Mistress phone sexThis morning I was cleaning my daughter’s room and she just got a diary and has been writing in it all the time. With her newly developing body lately, I know she’s been doing quite naughty stuff. I couldn’t help but take a peek at what she had been writing. He takes out his riding crop, his needles, knives, and nipple weights. My eyes get big as he brings the crop down on my whole body over and over again. I am bleeding as he attaches the nipples clamps and weights. “Now tell me, whore, tell me you want more pain, beg me to hurt you.” He holds his knife up to my throat and he cuts it a little letting the blood drain down to my nipples. I do as I am told and beg for more. Hopefully sparing myself this time from having something cut off. But not a single ounce of pleasure for me, pure pain, as I am a submissive slave. Here to serve. Just as my mother taught me.

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