Mutual masturbation : p-mommy and p-daddy playdates

Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation between us as we talk about how my brats should be ravaged because of a date gone wrong. Although it seems pretty fucking right to me. Everyone knows me as the dirty breeder bitch who pops fuck dolls out of her cunt for men. Playdates turn dark when my daughter is to sexy for a p-daddy dick to deny.

Sweat meat for a daddy who likes them angel-faced and spacey. A drop of dope on that pretty pale pink tongue has my youngest nodding and mommy happy. Get my sweetie high and spread the love to mommy too! I love fucked up brats in a mommy and daddy orgy! 

“Look at your new daddy’s dick. It’s pointing right at you he chooses to have me force that face on his cock.” 

 No limits phone sex p-mommy Elizabeth helps you skull fuck her daughter while her son mounts her from behind. That bald prick and pink ass can be yours to fuck if you want too! He’s a little jack rabbit hunching mommykins.  His balls slap against her ass as he fills her with his seed. Mommy can’t help but moan in pleasure as her daughter swallows daddy’s cum.

Mutual masturbation Druggy p-mommys and p-daddy get off to deviant deeds!

She smiles, knowing that her daughter has been corrupted in the best way possible. All thanks to the one who should be nurturing her sweet hearts not getting them fucked! Sex is life and it’s never too early to help that daddy dick in somewhere nice and tight! I know I’m right! And if not I don’t care!  Phone sex hotline nasty mommies make the world a better place for freaky daddy meat!

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