Mutual masturbation Mommy Elizabeth To the rescue

Mutual masturbationMutual masturbation Mommy Elizabeth To the rescue for your aching cock and balls.  

Mommy understands that sometimes life is hectic and busy and you barely get time for a nut. And when you have a moment to yourself you need a milf who will take your cock in her hand and help you edge out a nice big fat load.  I will bring you to the edge of a big orgasm and back again and fill your mind with my sexy voice and instructions! Mommy Elizabeth will help you relax and take a LOAD off with her experienced hands and soothing voice. She will make sure you get to release all the tension built up inside you. Sexy Mommy Elizabeth will be your virtual guide to help you shoot the biggest most satisfying load you have in weeks, maybe months.

Mutual masturbation Mommy Elizabeth

Listen we all know life is hard right now and the stress that is accumulating in your balls isn’t helping matters. Let me help clear your head and Make you feel like the world is only me and you for a while.  Let me be your escape, your release. Let me help you relax and forget about all the worries of the world. Let me be your naughty virtual mommy.The art of a woman and man both getting off during an edging call is not lost on this Milf phone sex seductress!  Let me be your fantasy, your dream come true. I will be your escape from reality. I wish to serve as your indulgence.

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