Littles, Enemas and Piss, Oh My!

enema phone sex

Okay so by now you know I am a dirty P-mommy and I will do anything to please my johns who want to play. I knew your dick and money needed a little something different when we met you. I had My slutkins lined up in cutsie panties and under-roos, Plus an extra with my tiny tot niece for you.  After they took turns disrobing and showing smooth hairless bodies and fat bald cunts I had both girls come and bend over so you could see those pink puckered ass holes. I grabbed two enema bags and filled them with my sweet tea concoction and handed my growing boy one. His peter was at attention. He loved being the bearer of the nasty torment of his sister. I let you watch him empty his sisters’ little bowels and the mess was worth having clean asses for you to lick and suck. Each girls ass became your snack and then you begged each to piss in your mouth. Of course, I wasn’t prepared for you to get up an hold me down so my son could give me an extra large sweet tea enema and have him eat my ass right after between you fucking my clean sweet ass. Looking forward to more nasty playtime with you.

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