Lay Back While I Peg You

fetish phone sex

I can tell just by the sound of your voice that you want me to put on my strap on and peg your ass. But you don’t want any of that sissy bend over and take it from behind shit. You are a hard-core pervert. So come on in and let me have some fun. Get undressed and let me see what we have going on here. Nice, an uncircumcised cock to play with. Don’t think I am going to let you have all the fun though. Before we start get between my legs and worship my cunt. I am a goddess to you and my pussy shall be treated as such. Lick and suck and finger and make love to it. I will hold your head down and grind on your face as I release my juices. Then I will grab your hair and lift you from between my legs, smiling at your cum smeared face. Then I stand and kick you back with my feet. I attach my strap on and spread your legs. I spit on it and pull on your excess skin and balls as I glide around your tight hole. You feel me go in gently and you moan. I push it all the way in now as I squeeze your cock tighter. You gasp…

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