I Will Fuck Your Wife

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It isn’t easy having a cock bigger than your boyfriend, but it’s what I do. I cater to the pretty little ladies who have beau’s that just can’t rise to the occasion. They bring their dirty fucking boys over, and we strap them in my special observation chair. What’s it for? Holding them still and forcing them to watch while I fuck their wives. Those pretty little pussies are always so eager to sit on my ten inch cock. The men, well, they’re never as receptive at first but I Pavlov those motherfuckers. I make them stroke their cocks, of have some of my sissy whores jack them off for me while they watch my massive girl dick slide in and out of their girlfriend’s little juicy fuck holes. After about three sessions, I don’t have to restrain the men anymore. They happily watch and stroke themselves while I give their girls the pleasure they deserve.

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