Jacking Off His Pantyhose Covered Dick

Fetish Phone Sex NoreenOne of the nerds that works here has a pantyhose fetish. He doesn’t want the other guys to know about it, but he pays me to see him outside of work to fulfill this fetish. I don’t mind, it is big bucks and it is quite fun to be in control of one of my bosses. Tonight, we were meeting at a hotel and I arrived early to get ready. I put on a pair of sparkly pantyhose and nothing else. I also laid out a pair of black ones for him. He likes them dirty, so I have been wearing his pair without panties for a while now. When he got there and opened the door to see me sitting on the bed in only my panties his dick started twitching in his khakis. I motioned him over and rubbed my feet on his face and crotch before tossing him the black ones to put on his dick. He was already hard when he put them on so there was no need for me to get him started. I laid back on the bed as he rubbed his pantyhose covered cock on my feet. Now see, I don’t have to fuck him I just have to jerk him off with my feet. So, as he stood above me, I wrapped my feet around his dick and rubbed it nice and firm, gradually building speed. As I am jacking his cock, he sticks the other end of the pantyhose in his mouth and sucks on them. It never takes long before he is filling up that stocking with his warm thick cum.

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