I’ve Been Invited!

Submissive phone sexThe invitation was tucked underneath my door when I woke up, only daddy or one of his friends have access to getting into the building. My pussy tingled and started to get wet at the thought. So it had to have been left by one of them. A small white envelope with my name in red, telling me I was expected with the address printed on the back. It felt more like a demand then invitation, but it was more likely a bit of both. To make it even better today I got woken up by a knock at the door, a delivery of a cute red dress with a plunging neckline down to my belly button. Definitely told me it was one of daddy’s friends and I got really excited cause it was only Mr. Williams who sends me presents like this before a big date. Even more exciting that I knew he liked to throw some rather big sex parties. I’ve finally been invited which means I’m not only going to be taking loads, and loads of cocks but I’m also going to be introduced to some more naughty daddies. I may be going as a three more fuck holes to his party, but I’m going to be leaving with more daddies wrapped around finger.

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