touchdown for the team!

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It isn’t a secret that I let the entire team fuck me Friday! I mean what can you expect seeing those boys work up a sweat made my tight little cunnie soaking wet. I just needed some thick cock but who to choose? I couldn’t decide so I chose all of them. After they won the game I followed the team into the locker room and locked the door behind me. They all got hard within seconds of me getting naked like horny little dogs they are. It felt so good when #32 bent me over the bleacher and shoved his cock in my ass! a few minutes later I have a cock in all of my holes and a thick meat stick in both my hands! mm, fuck one by one they filled me with thick creamy loads until I was just a little cum slut on the floor soaking in all the juices. My tight little fuck holes are still sore but one thing for sure I will be waiting for the next touchdown.


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    • James on March 5, 2021 at 3:46 pm
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    I want to fuck you

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