Itty Bitty Fuck Bang

phone perverts paradise

My submissive P-mommy life is really a phone perverts paradise. Think about it a big titted submissive subby mommy. One that lets you have an itty bitty fuck bang. My life is a feast for that meat between your legs. I know your swelling up now thinking of just how little my youngest brats are. Well, let me clear it up for you. My tranny son is a smooth hairless ladyboy. With a pink-tipped penny that is growing every day. My youngest daughter is a lollipop sucking pigtailed brat. My eldest is still fucking her high school teachers. Wink Wink. Why would you ever pass up a cock that will pass you! I mean we are blonde bimbos every one of us so we do what we have to do. I really don’t care what you do to my beautiful doll-like offspring as long as my coke is readily available and you put me in bondage so I can at least pretend to have no say in what you do to my brats. So let me take care of that swollen member the best way a P-mommy knows how too!

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