its a phone perverts paradise

Phone perverts paradise

Daddy enjoys watching me dress up for him. I end up wearing such cute outfits. I’m always using that as a reason to go shopping. I know that he can’t get enough of me. Daddy loves to watch me in all kinds of cute things. His eyes light up when he sees me, and I enjoy being the one who turns him on the most. Mama has let herself go, and daddy loves fucking a tight hot body. Now nana, on the other hand, looks fantastic for her age and lets my daddy have his fun with her too. My family isn’t like others, and I’m happy about that because it makes me enjoy myself more and has me ruling daddy’s head. Mommy has no way of pleasing daddy anymore. It’s up to me, nana, and my hot aunt Maddie. Its a phone perverts paradise to be a fly on the wall in our house.

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