I Made Him My Bitch

fetish phone sexThe little bitch came to me with a request to find his feminine side. He tried to push it off that it was a simple request and nothing extreme. From our first meeting I could see the twinkle in his eye as I showed him a slide show of my accomplishments. The bondage, the small dick humiliation and the sissy training practically made his mouth water. I took his cash and set up an appointment. He thought I was going to be gentle but that isn’t what I had in mind. He arrived promptly and I led him to the back room. I had a pretty pink cropped top, matching black and pink thigh highs and a purple G-string laid out. He was dancing all around as he removed his clothes and got dressed. I smiled at him as I put a blonde pigtail wig on his head. Then I brought out the chains and cock rings. He seemed hesitant and even started to speak. I told him to shush, and he continued speaking. Mistress Noreen does not allow this so out came the paddle. I put him on all fours and paddled his little ass. Then I had him stay there were I proceeded to attach the chains for our session. I think that little faggot looks cute, don’t you?

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