What is Your Naughty Fetish?

hottest phone sexWhat is your fetish? We all have kinks and fetishes we cannot tell anyone in our lives. You can tell me anything. All your kinky thoughts and experiences are safe with me. I will share one of my kinks with you. I love being a submissive whore to a hot bitch in charge. I have a friend who is gorgeous and dominant. Last night she came over to Netflix and chill. I got drunk and told her I thought it would be hot to be her bitch. She wasted no time. She had me naked and on all fours like her pet in 30 seconds or less. She spanked my ass. Every slap made my cunt wet. That was just the beginning. She had a strap-on with her to fuck me like the little bitch I wanted to be for her. She pounded my ass and my pussy with a big black dildo. She made me squirt with her alpha bitch routine. My cunt juice coated her dildo and the floor. When she was done fucking me, she made me her ass to mouth whore. I sucked my ass and cunt juice off her cock like a good bitch. Sometimes it pays to confess your fetishes and kinks.

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