I know what you crave

blonde phone sex

I know men have kinks, but girls do too. Don’t think because I’m a sweet blondie, and I don’t have some devious thoughts. I see how you look at my toes. You crave something a little more sinister than feet fucking. You want more than blonde phone sex. There’s something that truly gets that cock going, and I will tell you what I think it might be. Perhaps some cock and ball torture? You want my bare feet to stomp on your cock and want me to tease you and make you believe you are safe to let loose and explore kinky and sexual fantasies with me, don’t you? It’s okay to let your guard down. I promise I will only use it against you if it brings ultimate pleasure. I can’t promise some pain won’t be inflicted but what I can assure you is that you will enjoy the best mind fuck and orgasm that you could ever even think possible. Let us go ahead and explore together.

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