I Love It When We Play Together

mutual masturbation

I get so horny and I can’t seem to get satisfied when I cum all by myself. I don’t need a dick in me every time I get off but I do need some mutual masturbation. Do you enjoy masturbating with another horny person? When I hear your fantasies and hear you jacking off your hard dick I get even wetter. I’ll tell you all about my kinky and taboo fantasies too. You know that you want to hear this slut with the drenched pussy get herself off finger fucking herself with you on the phone. It makes my cunt wetter to have a play partner for masturbation.
I wish that I could have you in front of me watching my hot pussy take my fingers and my toys. Anal fingering and butt plugs help me get really horny and ready to cum too. Do you like to use your sex toys when you call? You can tell me about them and use them when you masturbate with me. It’s so hot to me when a man has sex toys and isn’t sfraid to talk about them with me. If you need to cum as hard as I do don’t wait, call me up.

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