I just want to Fuck

Bald shaved pussy

You could call me a housewife yearning to be stepping out because I’m always excited as fuck and trying to get my lay. I was at the golf club with my husband Jeff, he drags me out to that male chauvinist pretentious asshole filled club every fucking weekend to sit around and watch he and his friends play macho and lie about their endeavors with their wives. I know they lie because my husband is a goddamn liar he’s the biggest one of them all. I never see anything unusual there, but this particular time I happened to see something super exciting. There was a tall 6 ft 4 brawny black guy working as a host and an overall cleaning guy. I noticed that this big black super handsome guy was taking the trash out ever so often in between offering drinks to my husband and his rude drunk pals. When I saw the guy taking the trash out a few times, I got a nasty horny idea. In my purse, I always travel with my handy dandy black pussy pleaser that’s what I call my dildo. I noticed how many times that the black guy who was looking awfully scrumptious went to the back to throw away trash and I started to time his actions so that I could conveniently run into him. I thought to myself that I needed to make my way out to the dumpster before his next trash run so that I could be there waiting and playing with my pretty wet pussy. I got into the back where the dumpsters are and found a discreet place where I could start to pleasure myself waiting for the guy to come. When he walked in he saw me right there with my feet up on a chair and my bald shaved pussy being displayed wide open and I was jamming my pussy pleaser deep inside of my married thumping cunt over and over again forcing him to see me. The host had no choice my eyes were locked on his eyes, and I didn’t avert my gaze at all while fucking myself like a heated pornstar. I was loving the fact that he was watching me. I told him don’t be afraid because he looked absolutely shocked that my cunt was wide open and I wouldn’t stop. I called him over, and I told him to fuck me I begged him for that substantial rise I saw starting to form in his pants. The bulge in his pants let me know that I was about to get exactly what I had been needing for so long which was a throbbing hard massive dick inside my cock loving cunt.

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