Getting Fucked By a Dyke Cop

tight shaved pussy

I like getting my tight shaved pussy around any cock I can. So when Officer Braden brought my son home for breaking a window I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to seduce her lesbian ass. But I have a keen submissive eye and I saw she was packing! Not just a gun buy a big strap-on under her uniform. I got on my knees begging her not to press charges on my boy. I put my hand on her crouch and said we can make a deal can’t we officer? She pulled me to my feet by my hair calling me a nasty mommy and that I didn’t deserve her 8 inches of steel! She made me strip and play with my pussy on the couch before she got her cock out for me. I spread my legs open and she made me beg to be fucked! I begged even as she rammed my pussy and fucked me so hard my milk squirted out of my tits from the pure force. Then this kinky bitch made me suck my son off as she mad eme squirt on her cock. Wow, Nice slut dyke cop. I hope we meet again!

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