Anything For You

Hottest phone sex

You know that I will do anything you want.  All you need do is ask.  I am not a mind reader so you must tell me what it is that you want of me because I know what I want from you. I want your undivided attention.  I want to feel your strong hands undress me slowly, placing kisses on my body as you expose my skin.  Those lips of yours are so soft and tender, your caresses are gentle but with purpose.

You lay me down on our bed.  Hovering above me, taking in the sight of my fully naked body.  You trace your hands up my thigh, over my stomach, then lean down to kiss me. I trail my fingertips over your back as you take my nipple into your mouth to suck on it softly.  You then press your teeth against it, not to break the skin but enough pressure to make me moan.

My hand slips down your stomach to your hardening cock, I being to stroke you against me.  I know you know how wet I am already even without touching my pussy.  You kiss your way down my stomach, stopping to press your mouth against my wet lips, spreading them with your tongue as your hands go under my ass to lift me up against you.

You make your way back up my body to kiss me.  I can taste myself on you.  Your cock pushes against me, finally filling me up and you hold yourself still.  Your breathing is already shallow, raspy.  I wrap my legs around you, clinging to you.  You begin to fuck me.  We move together, matching each other’s rhythm, it becomes faster and faster until I can feel myself tense up and we cum together. 

If you really love making love to a woman, to really fuck her with passion, then I think you and I will get along very nicely.

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