His Package Came

fetish phone sexI opened the mail and had received the package. The one I had been waiting for. Dave from the office told me he had ordered it and mailed it to my house so we could play at our next session. I could hardly wait to see what this man had ordered. Not surprising but still amazed I unwrapped a pair of pink lace panties, fishnet thigh highs with matching pink bows and a pair of black heels. I almost laughed as I sent him the message that I would be ready for him in an hour, no sooner and no later, and do not keep me waiting. I love the power I have over him. He arrived on time as usual and was dancing around like a little fairy. I told him I could see a wet spot on his pants, and he turned red and kind of giggled. I informed him that there was discipline for allowing that to happen and we would proceed with that before he was allowed his new present. I made him undress and bend over my knees. I spanked his soft sissy bottom until it was bright red. He thanked me after ever smack. I then handed him the package and told him to get dressed. He came right out wobbling in the heels but with the panties and thigh highs perfect. I ripped the panties and pulled his cock out of the hole. I then had him jack off while I videoed the entire scene. He loved it and so did I. After he came, I made him lick his fingers clean. I then smiled, told him to dress, leaving the panties and thigh highs under his clothes. I told him I would be checking later today to make sure they were still on and sure enough he did not disappoint.

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