Hot Phonesex

I’m a nasty bitch! The suck dick and swallow every drop bitch. Bend over let me eat your ass bitch. Yet every time someone comes in Jolie’s playhouse they always want to say how they would never cum from head. That’s fine but you know this nasty bitch has to prove them wrong. I drop to my knees and begin to lick up the shaft. Then I slowly begin to suck slowly adding more in more in my mouth. I keep sucking hard while massaging the balls and putting my vibrating bullet up his butt. I keep sucking his dick and begin to deep throat going inch by inch more and more in his mouth. I keep sucking and keep sucking and gagging on his dick and I notice he like that most. I continue to go hard on that dick and he keeps going then he cums all in my mouth. I continue to suck it all out his dick and get his dick. Come on down to Jolie playhouse so we can continue having a good time.

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