Hidden camera


Interesting I found the other day. I realized that Mr. M had been spying on me. I knew he would cave in and lust after me. I knew he would fantasize about me from the moment I sat for that interview. I was tiding things up in his office, and I could see the array of recording specifically in my room. I guess he had been a peeping tom since the first day I stepped foot in the Miller household. My panties quickly enough drenched and I just had to rub my pussy. I went to my room and gave him quite the show.


Now that I knew he was watching me I was going to give him a show to remember. I called up a guy and had some phonesex and turned on some hot porn and even glanced right at the lens and winked. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what I was doing. I loved it all. I knew he would take all this and get his jerk off session going. I was very aware I gave him so great material. I took extra pleasure in knowing he wasn’t fucking his wife. If he was fucking his wife, I knew he was thinking about a naughty nanny.

-XO Naughty Nanny Nann

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