He fucked my son

kinky phone sexI had an old pervert pay me to fuck my son last night. Of course my son didn’t want to but taht old man had money and mommy needed to get high so guess who got fucked anyway… that’s right my son did. He was screaming like a little bitch about it too, “Mommy it hurts! Mommy make him stop!” blah blah blah so I just shoved a fucking ball gag in his mouth and told him to shut the fuck up. God he was ruining my high! I had to break him so that he wouldn’t fight so hard next time so I invited a few more perverts over to break him in. I had them all fuck that tender little boy ass and by the end of it he had stopped all that screaming and promised me that he would be a good boy from now on. He better be, cus those men sure paid me a lot of money to use that tender little boycunt and I want them to come back again real soon!

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