Fuck Me When Your Wife Won’t

Soon as you call me, you got me moaning, while I hear you stroking the cock. I love getting wet posing a threat to your wife since we need to be discreet baby I don’t blame you. There’s something about you hiding in the next room stroking your cock for me- telling me how you’d fuck me while I rub my clit, around in slow circles, gliding toward my hole. Bald Shaved Pussy Lillian

Putting my fingers in my pussy while I ride this 8 inch black dildo with my tight ass. I keep thinking about you sitting in that chair holding your hands on my hips, gliding my back and forth to your speed. Babe I want you to fuck my ass while you stroke the other dildo in my cunt even faster. I want to lean my head back on you while you fuck both my holes making me your dirty whore. Toss me onto the ground- put your fingers in my mouth pull it back- shove your cock back inside me and fuck me like the ride your wife won’t let you have. Blow your load deep inside me then watch it leak out. Honey I am here for the same things you need- a good nasty fuck any time of the night.

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