Slutty Washcloth Sissy

sissy phone sex 

I have a caller that worships the ground that I walk on! He is a sissy that loves to sniff and lick up and down my ass while he smells my sweet and sweaty asscrack. Usually, after the gym, I don’t need to take a shower because my sissy will use his tongue as my slutty washcloth. He loves the taste of my salty cunt after intense cardio today I gave him a special treat. After a long night of fucking i made sure to keep as much cum inside me as possible. I posted on Instagram that I was just getting in from a long night of sucking and fucking & even uploaded a photo showing how my coochie was still dripping with cum. My sissy DM’d me so fast and asked if they could suck my cunt clean. He was at my house in a matter of minutes crawling through the front door on his hands and knees! He begged to just smell the mixture of cum through my panties and feel the wetness from all of those big loads sitting in the seat of my thong. As soon as I pulled my panties to the side my cream pie gushed into his mouth letting him taste all of the kinky fun that I had. My sissy makes me come so hard that when I squirt it’s like an instant flush. I’m almost instantly drained of all the cum that has been swimming around in my hole! When sissy is done my spin-shined snatch is ready for some more fun!


    • Princess on June 8, 2022 at 5:00 pm
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    I want to be your sissy pet!

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