I’m The Man, I Guess

Sissy phone sex

I’m really happy that some of my boyfriends like sissy phone sex because there’s a question I always wondered before I started turning my cum craving men into wussy little women; just exactly how deep is a sissy’s ass?  Seriously, it seems like they can take the biggest and longest dicks and dildos that push their way into them.  How?!

I can take big dicks with the best of them.  I love it!  But if you’ve ever seen a sissy slut get their ass pussy pounded like it should be, then you know that those bimbo boys can take foot after foot of fuck toy into their overly willing rectums.  And don’t even get me started on how wide they stretch out, I mean, what the actual fuck?!

I don’t turn men into femboys for a living or anything so I’m no expert, but there has to be something about these girly guys that makes them, not just able, eager to see how big of a thing they can stuff into their dirty shit slits.  It’s like they have something to prove, I don’t fucking know.  Then, when I have my strap-on jammed as far into their boy pussies as humanly possible, they always ask me to touch their “little clitty” or whatever.  That part makes me laugh hard!

Isn’t that your cock, guy?  I don’t know, I just do what I’m told.  You want me to make you feel like a woman, I totally will.  I find it interesting, for sure.  Just don’t be offended if I giggle.  I like it just fine, I’m just not used to being the man in the situation.  And if I ask you questions, it’s only because I’m fascinated with just how much fuck toy you’re letting me force deep inside of you.


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