Field of Creams

Kinky Phone SexI sucked the team to a winning season!

Our town has not had a winning baseball team for years but last year, I saved our season and Phone Perverts Paradise brought home the title!

This super hot guy was trying out for the team and his swing was not very good!

I tried to tell him he was standing wrong and I could clearly see that it was his giant balls that were getting in the way!

I knew I could fix that!

After all, I was runner up in the town cock sucking contest, I still say the two headed girl should not have counted as one person!

So I went right out there and squatted over home plate and started sucking his long hard fuck stick!

His wood was so swollen and hard that I almost couldn’t take the whole thing!

But I knew what I had to do! So I massaged his massive meat with my tongue and deep throated his cock until he exploded, overflowing my fuckable mouth with his hot creamy load!

I stood up, wiped my mouth and told him to knock the hell out of that ball!

He got a home run!

For the rest of the season, I sucked the entire team before each game and the whole town cheered me on!

They even made up T-shirts with my name on them saying, “If She Sucks It, They Will Cum!”

Like I said, we won the season and I even won the Sheldon Bender Award!

Coach wants to see what I can do to help the basketball team next!



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