Discreet Secrets Whispered Through The Phone

Discreet phone sex

With all of these dirty secrets being whispered in my ear all the time, I’ve become very adept at keeping all your sins to myself. Going from those taboo desires that the average person wouldn’t be able to comprehend. Discreet phone sex was made for those with naughty secrets and throbbing cocks! To the sometimes adorable little tidbits of embarrassing moments of self-exploration. *Giggle* Trust me, we all have those stories. Truthfully those are often the juiciest and best ones to share with someone sexy, and fun like me. Confess all of those fun times and more to me!

Whatever it is that needs to be confessed, know that it is safe and secure with me. The only things my lips do is kiss, suck and encourage perverts anyways. I certainly wouldn’t waste them on spilling your secrets, just your seed. Just kidding! I swallow. So remember me when erotic confession is exactly what your dick ordered. Let’s have a filthy but discreet time talking with each other. I won’t tell your secrets and you won’t tell mine!

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