Devious dolls

Mutual masturbation

Guys only think with their dicks so when you combine two hot sluts like Denise and me, things are short going to be in our favor almost always. All it took was a little bit of flirting, and her soon-to-be ex-husband melted and fell right into our trap. You can bet it was exciting to see. I mean what are friends for anyways you know?
You have to be there for your friends even if it means scamming some idiot so you’re a best friend can obtain everything she wants. After we had finished what we came to do, we decided it was time to celebrate. Denise had an excellent case against her soon to be husband. Infidelity clause would cost him his whole estate.

We were bound to celebrate the best way we knew how.
Yep, you guessed it two Black rods for two sexy, scheming sluts. I mean that is the way to celebrate when you get the job done. Not only did my friend get to walk out with a ton of money she was able to get some yummy BBC. We love chocolate and money 😉


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