Daddys Hot Cunt


Fucking daddy always gets my mornings started; I can’t wake up a single morning without my pussy throbbing begging his huge cock. He doesn’t live far and when he sleeps over I just plop my tight cunt right on his face. He always knows what to do because I drip down my thighs while I gag on meaty cock. The moment I sit these juice pussy lips on his handsome face, I know he’s going to suck my clit and tongue my cunt hole until I soak him in all my juices. I beautiful set of tits like these need to be appreciated, what better place than in daddy’s big warm strong hands. The way he tugs on my nipples to let me know he wants me to swallow him deeper, pinching them to keep the same motion. The best is when he squeezes them really rough to let me know he’s ready for me to bend myself over with my cunt in the air for him to stuff me. Daddy knows how much I love to get fucked by his cock- that’s why he treats me like the good whore I am.

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