BBC Hurts So Good

Hottest phone sex


The hottest phone sex I ever have is with the biggest, blackest dicks I can find!  They make every one of my hot and horny holes feel like they’ve been reamed out and completely wrecked, just how I like it.  Can you blame me?  Getting my pink pussy pounded and my shit pushed in by a massive coal-black cock makes me feel like I’m getting fucked for the very first time again, every single time!

I remember the first time I sucked a dick.  It was a regular white schoolboy wanger, pretty average but it felt like my mouth was stuffed completely full.  Boy, was I wrong!  It wasn’t until I started choking down awesome anacondas from big, buff black dudes that I realized there was way more to blowjobs than just jerking a guy off with my jaws.  The very first mahogany meat I ever gobbled on did way more than test my gag reflex, it obliterated it!  No white weiner has ever worked my throat and used my windpipe like a pitch black power pole can, they just don’t have it in them.  That’s fine and all, but pleasing a BBC with my esophagus as they fuck the hell out of my pretty face.

I’ll never get tired of taking big ol’ black boners and making them cum all over me.  The gigantic ones make me feel like I’ve never had anything in my fun little fuckholes before.  I love feeling like a virgin in the arms and on the cock of a gorgeous black man.  I think they like that it hurts me so good.



    • drew on June 3, 2022 at 9:37 pm
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    you gonna take my bbc tonight bitch!

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