Daddys Blondie

blonde phone sex

Daddy loves blonde phone sex. Daddy enjoys having me be his little cum dump whenever he wants. I’m hooked on cum. Especially daddy’s juicy jizz. I like to beg for it because I want my daddy to be so happy that he has a sweet baby girl that loves him so much. Daddy goes crazy when I beg. He is obsessed with seeing the top of my head. He loves looking down at my blonde hair while I’m deepthroating like whores twice my age.

I learned from all my aunts and my slut whore more who loves cocksucking as much as I do. I think I have her beat, though, because cum is on my mind day and night. I like to enjoy daddy’s spurts out onto my tongue, and I know he loves when he shoots so much that it covers my face in juicy jizz. I like it to run down and go right into my mouth. It’s so delicious.

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