daddy of the month

bald shaved pussy

You have a guilty pleasure when it comes to blondes. Maybe that is why you are so addicted to blonde phone sex. My pretty face and pouty pink lips just do it for you and make things go wild in your pants. It is okay I won’t tell on you. I know my mommy brought you around for the month because she needs a new guy every other month. I get a new stepdaddy every time I blink. You are bringing all your loser friends around, and they are admiring me. I sure hope mommy keeps you around because what you are doing to me Is something not any of the other guys dared to do. My young little bald cunny is calling your name. I’m showing off for you and your drunk guy friends. Mommy is working a double, and I am being passed around by all the guys in the house. A complete orgy. When mommy gets back, I will be sound asleep in my bed with jizz oozing out and her new boy toy in her bed. I hope my momma likes sloppy seconds tonight.

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