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My best friend Nina has finally come to the dark side! She told me that she loves dark chocolatey cock just as much as I do. I could not wait to get her little white girl holes stretched out and prepped to take those huge man dingo cocks. I called her over and made her get on her hands and knees while I spat and rolled my tongue on her tight fuck holes. I started off with my normal white cucky sized dildos and then worked her fuck holes with bigger and bigger big black cocks! Poor Nina has never felt how a real cock feels inside of her rosebud ass or pussy. She needed much better anal size whore training so I decided to call up five of the biggest black guys in my little black book to help gape her little white holes with those big black mushroom heads! I forced her throat down on those long thick dicks and made the bitch slobber all over them, lubing them up with her spit. They all fucked her tight holes until they were wrecked and dripping cum

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