Daddy Likes To Watch Me Play

fantasy phone sexOne of my favorite times last year was when I went for the weekend with my adorable sugar daddy. We had a gorgeous beach house complete with a staff. We had been out on the water all day and had been drinking so we were pretty buzzed by the time we got back. I wanted to play but daddy had not taken his little pill so he wouldn’t be ready for a while. He suggested that he call in the butler and driver and put on a little show for him to get things started. I love it when daddy gets all dirty and naughty. They came in the room and I was already naked. Daddy handed them a wad of cash and told them to please me as he watched. I put on some thigh highs like daddy likes and laid one of them on the bed and started sucking his big fat cock as I locked my eyes with daddy. The other got behind me and started playing with my wet pussy before ramming his rock-hard cock deep inside me. I sucked that dick and took it from behind while daddy stroked his cock. I looked at him as they brought me to orgasm and filled my mouth and pussy with their cum. That was all daddy needed. He shewed them away and then buried his face in my cum filled pussy. So, baby tell me what your fantasy phone sex would be.

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