Confessionals or Glory Holes For P’s?

You want my take on confessions in those small corridors in churches? Well, likely not, but here goes… they are just dirty little glory holes for Jesus and his P’ pervert clan of molesters, and I love taking part in it. I have gone into them with my little ones and had that priests cock coming through that little door more times than not… although sometimes it would be a hand to finger a tight little secret hole. These little confessional visits get naughty, especially when a gaggle f priests are invited and my sons and daughter each get in one booth and ready for each p-priests cock that pops through that doorway. I would be a little careful about sitting in those little closets as who knows when the last p-pervert ejaculated on the stool. But if you want, feel free to use your tongue and lick that seat.

Phone perverts Paradise

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