Submissive P Mommy

submissive phone sex

His tongue was fucking bigger than most men’s cocks. He loved to bring me new ropes and watch me tie myself up. My little ones are his personal cock servants. I love how he gave commands to each of my darlings. Hold his cock baby feel how heavy it is. Asking me how good it looks to have my daughter and son playing with his cock as I tied myself up for him. My son wanting him to fuck his ass with his new dildo if he wouldn’t use his cock. I love how beautiful it is when tiny mouths and asses and her bald cunny are being used and I am being dominated in every way. Are you a nasty man who wants to fuck this submissive P-mommy and have a little gangbang with my littles? These milky tits are ready to be drained and my pussy and ass need a P-man cock who has needed small pussy and ass from a naughty mommy offering it up freely as I am helpless and tied up. 

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