Cocksucking contest

Phone sex whoreI love being known as a dirty phone sex whore and so does my best friend! The two of us together are an unstoppable sexual force to be reckoned with. We are very competitive with one another and that makes for a whole lot of fun as you can imagine! We decided to see who could gag on a cock deeper, she said that she would win but I knew that I would for sure out-suck her! We each put on a different color lipstick so that we could mark our territory while we deepthroated. I strapped my big dick onto my sexy waist and shoved her down to her knees while she opened her mouth wide for me. She looked so fucking sexy while I gripped onto her hair and pushed her nose-deep onto my shaft. It felt so good to fuck her throat! She was slobbering all over me and was able to suck me pretty deep but now it was my turn! We switched places and I slipped that dick into my slutty mouth like it was nothing. I went deeper than her by at least two inches and yes I am super fucking proud! It’s finally been put to rest who the better cocksucker really is!

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