Producing their replacements

Group sexMy young little whores love having group sex so that they can reproduce their replacements for me and Daddy. They know their purpose in this life and once that purpose has reached it’s limit then we no longer have any use for them. They’re disposable and they know it. Breeding them and using them as sex toys for my personal pleasure is so fucked up & twisted but I can’t help myself, i’m just such a dirty Mommy! I’ve even been turning my little boys more feminine as well. They have been getting daily injections of female hormones, they look so cute when they’re all dressed up and growing in peach fuzz! Their tits are getting a whole lot more swollen and bigger, it’s so fun to witness! Daddy ejaculates inside of all of their little fuck holes, they’re so sexy as they ooze out with his baby batter cum. They pop out lots of breeding replacements which we happily keep in our arsenal of little cunts. They’re going to thoroughly enjoy their life of depraved deviancy that lies ahead of them.

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