Cabin Delight

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I keep thinking about us going away to a cabin for the weekend. Since it’s winter, it would be somewhere in the mountains where they get lots of snow. Just imagine us in front of the fireplace together, watching the snow fall. We could sip some hot chocolate as we’re all cozied up in our pajamas. We would talk about anything and everything with each other and go deeper than just physical intimacy. God, that just sounds so freaking amazing to me. Emotional intimacy makes the physical intimate times so much better.
But you know that we would eventually get physical. It’s inevitable because we are both so attracted to each other. You know I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from kissing you. Pretty soon, you would have your hands under my PJ’s and I’d be trying to reach inside yours. They would eventually get in the way and we would end up naked on the bed, making love while the fire crackles and the snow just keeps on falling. I’m sure we would fall asleep for a while and then wake up and do it all over again.
I’m ready and waiting for you, lover. Let’s get intimate now.

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