Break In

milf phone sex

You heard that I was a P-Milf with a couple of slutkins ready to please most cock that came our way. I had been ignoring your calls and I had pissed you off. I knew you wanted my sons sweet tranny ass and my daughters perfect poufy cunny. I just didn’t think you dominate enough for our play sessions. That is until the house went dark. My brats screamed and I was grabbed by my hair on the stairs. “Come slut I am ready to fucking play now!” It was like a Bad movie scene. Your flashlight and your mask did not hide who you were. But didn’t account for the size of cock tenting your jogging pants. You hand grabbed my throat, you wanted my offsprings young ass and cunny. Who was I to deny you after you cut my skirt and panties off and finger fucked me violently and spat in my face? I swear I pissed myself some, but you told me to save it for your mouth later. What would you do now, with full access to young tranny cock and ass a sweet little cunny? All I know is my bald shaved pussy is wet as fuck right now!

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